Diet Culture and Mentality

I was talking with a client today about how, in diet culture and mentality, there is this old way of thinking… “If I feel hungry, I must be doing it right”

Have you ever thought that?

I know I did.

I thought feeling hungry = weight loss

It made me feel like I was doing it “right” and the results would soon follow…

For some women, feeling hunger actually instills the opposite…

Feeling hungry is quite scary and can provoke fear! It’s a signal that we are not safe or taken care of. Having a full tummy is actually form of learned security.

Is that you?

Whatever the case is… I want you to know that you are not alone and I declare today that hunger is not something to be proud of, nor is it something to be afraid of.

Make this your new truth by practicing it this statement daily.

Dare to take a deeper look into where you learned that feeling hunger is either a source of pride or fear.

Dare to peek under the surface of your soul, become aware, and become curious about where this comes from…

In this moment, and every moment, we get to see what’s underneath our current beliefs, thoughts, and emotions and then ASK ourselves what needs to be true NOW so we can move forward.

It’s a process. It’s a new muscle that needs to be flexed repeatedly to build its strength.

And, it’s not only possible, it’s already happening…

You don’t earn your worth by being hungry…

Let’s relearn how to USE hunger to foster health and happiness.

Drop your questions/comments below if you struggle with this concept or need me to elaborate… 👇

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