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Mindful and Intuitive Eater

Who here has failed at something?


Over and over, with the process of becoming a mindful and intuitive eater I hear the words… “I failed”

I failed because I forgot to breathe before my meal.

I failed because I ate that cookie emotionally.

I failed because I still hate my body…

The truth is, failure is a part of becoming.

Failure is PART of the process of growing into a new version of YOU and sometimes we “fail” because we have actually become aware (this is a good thing).

When you watch a young toddler fall off her bike the first time she rides without training wheels…. do you condemn her? Do you make her feel shame?


You applaud her for trying and ask her to be brave and try again…

So here is my plea to you, dear one. Perhaps even a form of permission.

Go easy on yourself.

Be kind to yourself.

Trust this can take time but it IS worth it…

and failure is PART of the process…

When you fail, rejoice in the fact that you can see a different way.

When you fail, give thanks that you are still here and can keep going…

When you fail, tell a sister so she can hold space for you and remind you that you are loved.

Please fail.

Fail a lot.

But, always fail forward…

Much love ❤️?????

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