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Positive Body Image

Positive body image doesn’t mean that you have to love the way you look

In fact, it means focusing on living a meaningful life without worrying about how you look moment to moment.
I hear so many women tell me that they cannot have a positive body image until they get to the ideal weight or meet some arbitrary beauty standard (which varies based on who you talk to btw, am I right?).
The truth is, a positive body image is something you can start practicing today and make part of your identity and lifestyle!
It’s available to all of us, no matter or size, shape, color, or height.
The woman who is feeling a positive body image might do one or more of the following:

  • Wear clothes that fit and are comfortable
  • Respect her body by eating on a normal schedule and when hungry, never depriving or restricting
  • Perform a daily gratitude practice
  • Move her body in ways that feel good and product more energy and stamina

Do you have a positive body image regardless of how you look?
DECLARE it below by telling us that you’re ready to embrace a positive body image TODAY!

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