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Who the heck is Beth?

We have quite a few new members in here, so I thought I’d take a quick minute to reintroduce myself if you’re new to the community… A longer read but I hope it helps you get a feel for why this community exists.

On paper, I am a Registered Dietitian with training in functional medicine and mindful and intuitive eating. I help women reprogram their relationship with food and body so they can start living their best life by trusting their bodies and ditching all diets for good. It’s pretty much the job of my dreams!!

I’ve been practicing as an RD for 15 years now and feel like THIS group and my group program is an extension of my soul purpose.

But, on a deeper level, I’ll tell you a little more about my background and WHY I do what I do…

You see, I was conventionally trained as a dietitian to learn all about WHAT we should be eating for optimal health. When I graduated as an undergrad I could tell you the exact calorie content of any plate and felt pride keeping a detailed food journal with all macros accounted for. I believed this knowledge would help play a role in helping others do the same and “get healthy”.

While all that knowledge is well and good, it wasn’t until my conventional training failed me and I stopped listening to my own body wisdom, that I realized there was SO much more to food and nutrition than WHAT we eat…

There is this whole world of inner wisdom that I stopped tapping into as a young girl because of all the diet culture messaging and the external pressure to look a certain way.

We were all exposed to it, even if we don’t recognize it.

As a woman who stands 6′ foot tall, I let my insecurities about my body take center stage and wanted to control it because I thought that would lead to my happiness and success…

Well, it didn’t.

As a lifelong seeker and dreamer, I knew there had to be more to this life than struggling against my own body to achieve happiness and purpose.

Deprivation, calorie counting, and over-exercising just became exhausting…

Through intervention of the divine and a deeper calling in my soul, I discovered a new way to look at food and body that LIBERATED me from food rules and EMPOWERED me to make decisions about my health based on how I FELT, not how I looked…

The result?

  • A healthier body, not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally (they are all tied together so I learned).
  • A trust in myself and my intuition I didn’t have before.
  • A deeper connection with the people around me to include finding my soul mate and raising a happy child.
  • An ability to actually FEEL how food, people, and my environment affects me in all the cells of my body (not just my head).

Now, I am on a mission to support women just like you discover this connection for yourselves.

In this group, I offer mindful and intuitive eating tips to help, but the power of transformation always comes from within…
It comes with a decision to find more purpose in your life and stop living on the surface with rules and outside direction.
I act as a guide… a support… a mentor… a friend.

But, the healing… your healing… comes from within YOU.

Because your answers are different than mine and they are different from your best friend and your mom and your neighbor…

I help women see this because it’s what I know how to do… It’s why I am here.

So, that’s me. I am so glad you are here to share, learn, and grow!

What is your life purpose? What were you put on this planet to do? I’d love to learn about it in the comments below… <3

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